About Us

Top Dog boarding kennel starts the day at 7:00 am. We open all the doggie doors so your pet/pets may go in and out in their own individualized indoor/outdoor runs. All messes are cleaned up, the runs are swept, water is changed, and dogs are fed. Dogs are able to go in and out at their leisure until 10:00am. At that time, dogs are shut inside for their safety and security, and so we can clean up the outside of the kennel.

At 4:00pm, we open all the doggie doors again, and the dogs can go in and out until 6:00pm. We clean up any messes, feed again, and give fresh water as needed. At 6:00pm, the dogs are shut in, and we clean up the outside.

Top Dog turns all the dogs out one more time at our late night turn out. Dogs are turned out for 20-30 minutes and given a bedtime “cookie” (treat) before being tucked in for the night.

Every run has a rubber mat for the dogs to lay on. However if you wish, you are welcome to bring any additional bedding that you would like for your pet.

All of the dogs are given milk bone dog biscuit treats, but you may bring any treats that your pet especially likes.

Cats are kept in the "nursery". It is the smallest and quietest building. They are kept in cat condos. It has room for all their necessities and their own loft.

Top Dog has NO hidden fees or costs. Playtime, exercise time, treats, and giving medication is all part of taking quality care of your pet and part of the daily fee.

Baths and toenail trims are available upon request for an additional charge. Ask about pricing.

Tours available upon request during regular business hours.


We keep several varieties of dog foods stocked. If your dog eats one of the following, you do not need to bring your dog's food. This is also provided at no additional charge.


  • Mini
  • Chunk
  • Lamb and Rice
  • Weight control
  • Puppy
  • Naturals


  • Dog Chow
  • Puppy Chow


Pro Plan Chicken and Rice

Beneful original

Purina Little Bites

Diamond Lamb and Rice

Science Diet Original